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KhubKhao is not just another F&B venture; it’s about a concept, a way of life. KhubKhao believes that it is important to make our food tasty and healthy at all times. A bowl full of tasty and healthy food enabled the Gautama Buddha in his pursuit of knowing the eternal truth. Serving tasty and healthy food is the best exhibition of love by Mother Nature to her earthlings, rather by all mothers to their children, or for that matter in every emotional relationship of this world. Influences of rapid commercialization of the society have affected the core human values; the concept of food has often fallen out from “tasty and healthy” to “tasty or healthy”.

Also, the concept of food, cooked food, has kept evolving mapping with the evolution of mankind and vice-versa. Availability of raw material in particular geography always dominated the food habits of people, hence their taste buds evolved accordingly. Coastal area people across the globe developed tastes for seafood and coconuts whereas cold areas away from sea developed tastes for milk-based products and geo-specific vegetables. People in the fertile low-lands developed tastes for rice whereas populations around deserts grew tastes for a variety of hardy crops. The problem started when in the modern world people started travelling across geographies but their “my kind of food” could not catch up with them. Due to influences of travel across geographies, people also developed likings for different kinds of cuisine, shifting from their native ones. So, getting tasty and healthy food across tastes and habits became a big challenge.


In 2010 KhubKhao was born to challenge this embargo of the present society with a five-point agenda :

1.    Recreate the traditional gifts of love with the purest ingredients and the best practices of the authentic processes and recipes.

2.    Collect and recreate recipes from across geographies and make them tasty and healthy at all times.

3.    Create innovative tasty and healthy packaged snacks to replace the harmful ones in the market.

4.    Spread happiness through creation of vibrant meet-and-eat places keeping an eye on specific requirements of the older generation, and also ensure delivery of food especially to the elders.

5.    Build a happy and healthy community of people across geographies sharing their ideas, experiences and recipes around the subject of food.

The journey until today:

With the best available quality of ingredients, KhubKhao has created a few tasty and healthy snacks alternatives mapping the tastes and need of the society. Different kinds of flavoured nuts and dry fruits have been introduced to replace the junks people otherwise consume in the name of dry snacks. For the ardent fried food lovers, KhubKhao has created Cheese Mattris by combining milk and cheese into the flour and ensuring an absence of various doubtful chemicals which are found in commercial snacks. As a healthy alternative of quick bread breakfast, KhubKhao has created fruits and seeds based Muesli. It has also created sugar-free healthy alternatives like Seeds Ladoos, Dry Fruit Ladoos and Meal Bars as an alternative meal between meals or even as the replacement of one large meal for the health conscious middle-aged population. Sarvodaya KhubKhao Canteen at the Community Centre of Sarvodaya Enclave serves tasty and healthy fresh food to people. It delivers affordable superior quality vegetarian meals to elderly people in the colony and also hosts festive events for people to meet and eat together. The canteen also runs special cuisine events from time to time serving cuisines from across geographies which are otherwise rarely available in Delhi. During festivals like Holi, Diwali etc. KhubKhao creates the purest of the traditional sweets and savouries. With every little step, KhubKhao continues to build happy and healthy communities, effecting in building a happy and wealthy nation.

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